Age:   32

Residence:   Hamburg

Nationality:   German/persian

Languages:   German/ English / a little of French

Height:   173

Measurements:   95-65-92

Tattoos / Piercings:   No/No

Eye colour:   Light brown

Hair colour:   Darb brown, long

Style:   Elegant / sexy

Professional background:   Medical cosmetics

Interests:   Lifestyle, short trips, fashion, music, food

Prefered Cuisine:   Mediterranean cuisine / Asian

Drinks:   Water / White wine

Parfum:   Good Girl

Smoking:   No

Vaccinated:   Yes

Category:   Opal

Jasmin Blue Label Models
Jasmin Blue Label Models
Jasmin Blue Label Models

Love and passion are the secrets of life.

Jasmin Blue Label Models

Gustave Flaubert

Bonjour and hello! I am Ambre, a passionate soulmate of two fascinating worlds - Germany and France. I have the pleasure of combining the best of both cultures within me, embodying a rich blend of charm and love of life. Travel, art and culture are my constant companions on my life's journey. But just as I appreciate the beauty of faraway places, I also have a special fondness for the sounds of the piano. Touching the keys and bringing the melodies to life is like a language for me that can express all emotions without words. My adventurous spirit always drives me to discover new things. I have a strong curiosity for people and their stories. For me, every encounter is like an open book whose pages are waiting to be read. And just as I am interested in people, discovering unknown places also excites me. The idea of immersing myself in a new environment and exploring the secrets it holds makes my heart beat faster. But don't be fooled - besides all the seriousness of life, I also have a strong sense of humour. For me, laughter is like a magical elixir that lightens the mood and deepens connections. And yes, I love to be seduced - be it by deep conversations, looks full of promise or the simple romance of everyday life. Fancy getting to know me?
Meet Ambre, the radiant newcomer to the Blue Label escort agency! Her versatility and intelligence fascinated me from the start. Ambre is not only beautiful, but also incredibly smart and culturally interested. Her charisma is downright breathtaking - she captivates you even before you have exchanged a word! What particularly excites me are Ambre's movements. They are like a sensual dance that beguiles the senses and stimulates the imagination. Her grace and eroticism blend into an irresistible total package. Ambre has this unique ability to adapt to her companion and create unforgettable experiences. With an aura of mystery, she engages in conversations that stimulate the mind and arouse curiosity. As the agency's new star, she has already proven that she is more than just an escort - she is a high-class companion for extraordinary moments. Ambre embodies sensuality, intellect and elegance at the highest level. A meeting with her promises an adventure to remember. Welcome, Ambre, to the Blue Label escort agency family! XOXO Charlotte

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