Age:   24

Residence:   Frankfurt/Main

Nationality:   German

Languages:   German, English (perfect)

Height:   174 CM

Measurements:   87-58-88

Tattoos / Piercings:   No / No

Eye colour:   Brown

Hair colour:   Dark Brown

Style:   Elegant, feminine

Professional background:   student of finance

Interests:   Music, playing the piano, art, skiing, riding, theatre, ballet

Prefered Cuisine:   French, italian

Drinks:   Champagne, wine

Parfum:   Dior – ambre nuit

Smoking:   No

Vaccinated:   Yes

Category:   Saphir

Marie Blue Label Models
Marie Blue Label Models
Marie Blue Label Models

In eroticism lies true beauty.

Marie Blue Label Models

Jeanette Winterson

Hello, I'm Marie and I'm glad you stopped by my page. I am an escort model who combines the beauty of intelligence and sensuality. Learning new things is like an elixir of life for me. In doing so, people I meet anew are always a great inspiration to me. Music is my absolute passion. When I play the piano, it feels as if I am leaving tender touches on your skin. The notes are like caresses that you can't resist. The stage is my second home. There I can live out my passion for music. As an escort I can pursue my love of adventure and my passion for sensuality, eroticism and exciting sex. I would be happy to invite you to put your fantasies into practice with me. It will definitely be sonorous. Each of my movements is an expression of giving myself fully in your arms. With me you will experience a lady who knows how to behave and who shines with her knowledge, but above all a woman who loves escort and who helps to shape every rendezvous with full creativity.
Oh, Marie, she is simply breathtaking! A truly natural escort model from our Blue Label escort agency, she embodies the essence of beauty in her very own, incomparable way. Her charisma goes beyond mere grace - she exudes an irresistible blend of education and intelligence that makes her a fascinating presence. Her piano playing skills are simply fantastic. When she touches the keys, magic happens. The melodies she creates are like a journey through the depths of her soul. It is as if she lives and breathes the music herself, and her passion for the piano captivates everyone. I was allowed to experience her playing and couldn't get out of my amazement.... But that's not all. Marie is also a seductress par excellence. An escort date is like her stage; here she shows her wild and uninhibited side that drives every man crazy. The escort service unleashes her seductive power and I am sure, gentlemen: you will not be able to turn away when you see our escort girl Marie and she unfolds her magic. Marie is a total work of art - education, intelligence, talent, and a big pinch of seduction that makes her an irresistible muse. Would you like to meet this truly unique personality called Marie? Feel free to contact me! XOXO Charlotte

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