Age:   27

Residence:   Munich

Nationality:   German

Languages:   English, German

Height:   176

Measurements:   93-63-95

Tattoos / Piercings:   none / none

Eye colour:   Blue

Hair colour:   Brown

Style:   Elegant, feminine

Professional background:   Model

Interests:   Fashion, music, dancing

Prefered Cuisine:   Italian

Drinks:   Wine, Champagne, Aperol

Parfum:   Coco Chanel

Smoking:   No

Vaccinated:   Yes

Category:   VIP

Mathilda Blue Label Models
Mathilda Blue Label Models
Mathilda Blue Label Models

Eroticism is love in all its poetry.

Mathilda Blue Label Models


I am Mathilda, a touch of seduction from Munich. 💕In my world, every day is an adventure, filled with the beauty of the unknown and the thrill of the new. I love fashion, travelling and dance. When I dance, I unleash my wildest dreams. Every movement is an expression of pure passion, a sensual journey through the world of rhythms and melodies. Whether it's a gentle tango or a wild hip-hop beat - I find freedom and ecstasy in dance. Seduction is, as they say, my middle name. I believe in the power of attraction and the beauty of subtle flirtation. It's a game of the mind and the heart that I enjoy. And finally, I love surprises! The unexpected adds spice to life. It keeps me alert, excited and always ready for the next adventure.
Oh, Mathilda 😊 The first time I met Mathilda at Café Luitpold in Munich, I witnessed her irresistible aura. She entered the room in silver Marlene trousers, combined with a sexy top and an oversized blazer, her hair falling loose, her lips sensually tinted in nude. Mathilda's appearance was pure seduction - stylish, self-confident and magnetic. Her movements were graceful, every gesture an expression of her inner strength and charisma. She knows exactly what effect she has and radiates a natural elegance. Her art of seduction is subtle yet powerful, a perfect blend of grace and self-assurance. Mathilda is a woman who not only impresses with her appearance, but also with her strong personality and lifestyle. Anyone who books this high-class escort lady Munich will be under a sensual spell - from the very first second! XOXO Charlotte

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