Age:   23

Residence:   Berlin

Nationality:   German

Languages:   German, english, french, spanish

Height:   172 CM | 54 KG

Measurements:   88-60-89 | BH 70 B nature

Tattoos / Piercings:   No/No

Eye colour:   Green

Hair colour:   Dark Brown

Style:   Feminine

Professional background:   Student

Interests:   Travelling, cultures, languages, swimming

Prefered Cuisine:   Italian

Drinks:   White wine

Parfum:   Victoria Secret Love Spell

Smoking:   No

Vaccinated:   Yes

Category:   Saphir

Escort Model - Malika | Blue Label Models Blue Label Models
Escort Model - Malika | Blue Label Models Blue Label Models
Escort Model - Malika | Blue Label Models Blue Label Models

Eroticism is the key to the door of sensuality.

Escort Model - Malika | Blue Label Models Blue Label Models


Hello, my name is Sandra. As a passionate globetrotter, I am always drawn to faraway countries and unknown cities. I love immersing myself in other cultures, discovering their secrets and meeting people from all over the world. These adventures enrich my soul with unforgettable memories and experiences and make me even more open to new adventures. My favourite way to travel is with a man. Travelling together, hand in hand, discovering mysterious new places by day and exploring each other by night. Admittedly, I often enjoy taking on the traditional role of the courted woman. There is hardly anything more beautiful than being ensnared and adored by a man. But I'm also not averse to swapping roles and taking the reins myself. With a wink and a charming smile, I love to bring a little play into the dynamic and sometimes drive a man a little crazy with my charms. For me, this playful seduction is a dance that keeps the flame of passion alive. Fancy a dance with me?
When I try to describe Sandra, I find myself going into raptures. Our High Class Escort Berlin Sandra is the embodiment of natural beauty. It is her pure, unadulterated charisma that casts a spell over everyone. She stands for purity and grace, a combination that is so refreshingly genuine that you can't get enough of it. And her eyes! One look into those eyes and you lose yourself in their depths. It's impossible to look away. Sandra has this unique gift of making a connection that is deep and meaningful with a single glance. There is an aura around her that is as mysterious as it is delicate. She carries a mystery that arouses curiosity and at the same time a gentleness that soothes and invites. To get to know Sandra is to witness this rare kind of beauty that lies in her simplicity and purity. Her natural grace and captivating eyes, coupled with a mysterious and delicate aura, make her a truly remarkable and excellent young escort lady. I would be happy to arrange an escort date for you and Sandra - get in touch! XOXO Charlotte

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