Dubai, known as the sparkling jewel of modernity, is one of the world’s most glamorous hotspots. A place where wealth and beauty are not only welcome, but at home, and where the glitter of high society echoes in every corner.

In this exclusive world, we at Blue Label Escort Models, an internationally renowned escort agency, have not only made a name for ourselves, but have also earned an incomparable reputation. Our high-class escort service spans the globe, with our escorts equally at home on the international catwalks as they are in the elite society of the rich and beautiful. But it is our commitment to the extraordinary that sets us apart. We proudly present our “Dubai Special” – the epitome of exclusivity and luxury.

Special Escort Models in Dubai - UAE Blue Label Models

“Dubai Special” is no ordinary platform; it is a crown jewel of our escort agency, an exclusive showcase of verified elite escort models and high-end travel companions from and in Dubai who not only live the exclusive Dubai lifestyle, but embody it. Our escorts are synonymous with the exquisite luxury that defines Dubai and represent the best that this radiant metropolis has to offer – whether in Downtown Dubai, Jumeirah, Bur Dubai or the picturesque surroundings of Sharjah, Ajman and Deira.

The specialty of “Dubai Special” lies not only in the absolute elite selection of our escort girls from Dubai, but also in the continuous renewal of our portfolio. With an ever-growing number of exclusive escort models from Dubai and the Emirates, we offer you a variety that not only meets your expectations, but exceeds them. Each sedcard of our exquisite escorts is a window into a world of unparalleled luxury.

Let yourself be seduced by “Dubai Special” and discover top-class models who not only represent Dubai, but also the United Arab Emirates in all its splendor. With us, you will not only find a companion; you will discover a lifestyle that is unrivaled in exclusivity and luxury. Welcome to a world where the choice is difficult, but the experience is unforgettable. Welcome to your exclusive High Class Escort Service Dubai – welcome to “DUBAI SPECIAL”.


Dear gentlemen, have you already discovered someone and are you ready for an escort date in Dubai? Can you already feel the tingling in your stomach?

The following scenario: You are in Dubai, the city that never sleeps and where luxury reigns. At your side: a breathtaking high-class escort Dubai, whom you have already admired in numerous pictures and will embrace live today. An escort woman who is second to none, who not only shines with natural beauty, but also with intelligence, charm and a very special aura. Are you ready for a rendezvous that will outshine everything you have experienced so far?

Start your day with a walk around Dubai’s shimmering icon, the Burj Khalifa. How does it feel to be hand in hand with such a seductive lady?

In the mysterious alleyways of the Al Fahidi Historic District, where time seems to have stood still. Take a look into the eyes of your companion and let it sink in. A little surreal? No. YOU really do have a date with this enchanting escort lady in Dubai, who will give you the most beautiful hours in the midst of glamor.

Only the best for the palate: dinner at Atmosphere, the world’s highest restaurant in the Burj Khalifa. Every bite is a poem, every second a luxury that is enhanced even more by the presence of your elite escort model. Can you feel the magic of the moment as you dine exclusively above the rooftops of the world?

Off you go to the exquisite bars and clubs of Dubai. How about a cocktail in the Skyview Bar in the Burj Al Arab? Or dance until dawn in the vibrant WHITE Dubai – feel the beat that seems to melt with every heartbeat of your date. Your Dubai Special Escort Model will let you feel how much she enjoys your company – you will get closer and closer…

And then a private dhow ride under the starry Dubai sky. The gentle breeze, the soft lapping of the water, your hands searching and finding each other. Can you feel the passion in the air?

Special Escort Models in Dubai - UAE Blue Label Models

A crowning finale – in the delicate silk sheets of your first-class hotel suite, let go of your inhibitions with your clothes and enjoy hours of erotic togetherness.

Meet our beautiful Dubai Special Elite Escort Models and experience a journey through luxury, passion and unforgettable moments. Are you ready for an escort date in Dubai?

Blue Label Escort - Dubai Special