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Enjoy the most exclusive escort service Vienna. Imagine you are in the Vienna Giant Ferris Wheel, enveloped by the darkness and glow of the city lights – perfect for secret touches and unspeakably beguiling atmosphere. Or discover works of art in the secluded halls of Belvedere Palace that are as electrifying as your first-class luxury escort lady Vienna. In the mystical St. Stephen’s Cathedral the heavens open for those who have the courage to climb up and look deeply into the eyes of your Companion. And for the true adventurers? The breathtaking Danube Tower, which offers a panoramic view so spectacular it would be unreal even in Hollywood. With our high-class escort service, it’s not just a city break; it’s a love affair! Let our Viennese ladies seduce you and experience sensuality like never before!


Escort Wien - Vienna

Enjoy the most exclusive escort service Vienna. Imagine you are in the Vienna Giant Ferris Wheel, enveloped by the darkness and glow of the city lights – perfect for secret touches and unspeakably beguiling atmosphere. Or discover works of art in the secluded halls of Belvedere Palace that are as electrifying as your first-class luxury escort lady Vienna. In the mystical St. Stephen’s Cathedral the heavens open for those who have the courage to climb up and look deeply into the eyes of your Companion. And for the true adventurers? The breathtaking Danube Tower, which offers a panoramic view so spectacular it would be unreal even in Hollywood. With our high-class escort service, it’s not just a city break; it’s a love affair! Let our Viennese ladies seduce you and experience sensuality like never before!


High Class Escort in Vienna and all over Austria Blue Label Models

The city is a melting pot of cultures and eras, making it an almost inexhaustible reservoir of sights and romantic locations.

It is not only the melody of classical compositions or the elegance of baroque architecture that make Vienna a magical place for an unforgettable date. It is the synthesis of tradition and modernity that lends an incomparable intimacy to any walk with your elite escort lady through the Austrian capital.

The Vienna Ferris Wheel in the Prater

Look down on the sparkling cityscape from above with your first-class companion. The nostalgic gondolas of the Ferris wheel offer a discreet atmosphere, ideal for deep conversations and tender touches.

Belvedere Palace

For lovers of art and history, Belvedere Palace offers an exquisite collection. Stroll through the gardens and enjoy the views of the city as you lose yourself in the works of Klimt and Schiele together.

St. Stephen’s Cathedral

This city landmark offers plenty of spiritual tranquillity. And if you and your independent escort model dare to make the climb, you will be rewarded with a romantic view. The mosaic of rooftops will impress you as much as the view of the lively city centre.

The Museum Quarter

A visit to the Museumsquartier invites you on a cultural voyage of discovery. Between modern art and cosy cafés you will find numerous hidden corners perfect for an intimate moment.

The Viennese Naschmarkt

Are you a culinary connoisseur? Then our escort agency Vienna, Blue Label, recommends you first an absolute “must-see” – the Naschmarkt. Here you can discover exotic spices and specialities. Share a platter of Austrian delicacies with Austria’s most beautiful escort ladies or drink a glass of wine while watching the colourful hustle and bustle of the market.

The Danube Tower

For the more adventurous, the Danube Tower offers spectacular views of the entire city and the Danube bordering it. On a clear day you can even see both as far as the Alps. The panoramic view creates a magical atmosphere that is ideal for a first approach.


Dear gentlemen, in every city there are hidden places and treasures that are only known to a small group of people. We would not like to withhold these secret tips from you. After all, as a high class escort service, it is our mission to plan the best night of your life for you in Vienna as well.

The hidden garden of Palais Liechtenstein

Off the beaten track, the garden of Palais Liechtenstein is an oasis of tranquillity and aesthetics. A picnic here is a sensory experience not easily forgotten.

The Spittelberg

This district is a real insider tip and less crowded than other parts of the city. With its cobblestone alleys and historic Biedermeier houses, the Spittelberg offers a romantic backdrop for an evening stroll. Your Vienna escort lady will love it.

With its numerous sights, landmarks and romantic squares, Vienna offers a luxurious setting for unforgettable moments on an escort date. Whether you are looking for classic elegance or modern sophistication, the city is the ultimate setting for a first class encounter and offers the best opportunity for a girlfriend experience with one of our escort women.

High Class Escort in Vienna and all over Austria Blue Label Models

Imagine strolling hand in hand with your adored escort lady through the winding alleys of Vienna, a city that is not only the cradle of great musicians and painters, but also the backdrop for an exquisite range of cultural delights. In the Austrian capital, every rendezvous is like a sensual symphony, a theatrical staging of seduction, an exhibition of sensuality and sex appeal without equal.

Vienna State Opera

A must for music lovers. Be enchanted by the virtuosity of the performances in one of the most renowned opera houses in the world. Situated at Opernring 2, the State Opera not only impresses with its architecture, but also with its broad repertoire.


For theatre enthusiasts, a visit to the Burgtheater is obligatory. In this listed building you can experience classical plays and contemporary dramas with a certain Viennese charm.


For an avant-garde experience, a visit to the MuseumsQuartier is recommended. Here you can marvel at a variety of art forms from the Leopold Collection to the Mumok. Perfect for those who want to have deep conversations with their escort on their date.

Kärntnertor Theatre

If your heart is set on opera or theatre, don’t miss a performance at the historic Kärntnertor Theatre. The acoustics and artistic atmosphere make it a must-see for culture lovers, but also for gentlemen who want to surprise their VIP escort Vienna with a theatrical contribution on their date.

Ronacher and Raimund Theatre

If you are a fan of musicals, you should plan an evening at the Ronacher or Raimund Theater. These stages offer a wide range, from classics like “Phantom of the Opera” to modern productions. If you need assistance in planning your date, feel free to contact us at Blue Label Escort Service Austria.


This world-famous art gallery on Albertinaplatz houses one of the most extensive and important collections of prints in the world. A heaven for art lovers who want to come face to face with masterpieces from Dürer to Picasso on their date. What an experience!

Belvedere Palace

This baroque masterpiece is not only an architectural highlight, but also a museum that houses works from Klimt to Schiele. The magnificent garden provides a perfect backdrop for a seductive chat.

Museum of Art History

This museum represents one of the world’s largest collections of European art. A date here can be a journey through centuries and continents. Very exciting.

Volksoper Vienna

For those looking for a less formal but no less grand musical experience, the Volksoper is an excellent choice. It offers a variety of operas, operettas and musicals.

You want something that is special?

You want an insider tip?

The Third Man Museum: a niche experience for film lovers. This museum is dedicated to the classic film “The Third Man” and gives a unique insight into film history and post-war Vienna.

Or take a look at the Haus der Musik:

Haus der Musik: Off the beaten track, you should visit Haus der Musik in Seilerstätte. This interactive world of sound and music allows you to immerse yourself in the world of music together.

A date in Vienna is like walking through a living museum, a theatre of passions, a stage for the many arts that touch the heart and expand the mind. From baroque splendour to modern boldness, Vienna’s cultural scene offers a home for everyone. So every date with your exceedingly sophisticated luxury escort lady Vienna becomes a shared journey through the many facets of human genius, a voyage of discovery that will live on forever in the memory.

High Class Escort in Vienna and all over Austria Blue Label Models

There is hardly a more romantic setting for a date than the picturesque city of Vienna, where Sissi and Franz Joseph once sealed their love. To write the chapter of your exclusive escort story, a shared pampering experience in one of the numerous wellness and spa locations should not be missing. ❤️

The gems of the Viennese spa landscape

  1. Sacher Spa: Under the roof of the legendary Hotel Sacher, this spa offers an unforgettable experience, including a Sacher Torte facial. An absolute must for luxury-savvy escort ladies and their gentlemen.
  2. Palais Hansen Kempinski: The spa at the magnificent Palais Hansen Kempinski is not only opulent in its offerings, but also in its atmosphere. Treat yourself to a “Kempinski Rhapsody” and immerse yourself in a world of relaxation together.
  3. Sans Souci Spa: A hidden gem in Vienna’s 7th district. The hydromassage pools and the organic saunas are true insider tips and highly recommended by the Blue Label Escort Agency Vienna.

Stimulating activities with an elite escort

  • Steam bath under the stars: In the So SPA at the Sofitel Vienna you can dream in a steam bath under a simulated starry sky. Your escort model will always ensure pleasant conversation and stimulating touches.
  • Viennese Hamam: In the Aux Gazelles you can experience the authentic atmosphere of a Turkish Hamam in the middle of the city. Fancy a lot of bubbles? ☺️

Romantic backgrounds

  1. Classical music and massage: Various spas offer massages to the sounds of Mozart or Strauss. A musical and sensual-erotic immersion in the culture of the city.
  2. Wine and wellness: Some spas, such as Therme Wien, offer special wine massages that integrate Austrian wine culture into the wellness experience. Ever experienced this?

Insider tips for insiders

  • Amalienbad: An Art Nouveau jewel in Favoriten that is less frequented but enchants with its 1920s charm.
  • Dianabad: Experience the magic of old Vienna with a visit to the historic Dianabad, where time seems to have stood still since the 19th century. Fancy a trip back in time with our exclusive escort service in Austria?

An escort date in the Danube metropolis is a sensory journey, a discovery of beauty and the art of well-being. Become part of this unique experience. Today. Book.

High Class Escort in Vienna and all over Austria Blue Label Models

In the city of music and the senses, hides a nightlife that pays homage to the glamour of times past while embodying the modern lifestyle. It is an oasis for those who want to lose themselves in an environment full of luxury, passion and joie de vivre. If you plan a rendezvous together with your High Class Escort Lady Vienna in this magical city, there are many opportunities to discover and experience the darker and seductive side of the city together.

Here is a selection of bars and clubs – all of which you and your Deluxe Escort will love, because luxury and exclusivity are the standard here. Those of you who like it a little more wicked will find their favourite here:

  • Le Loft: Located in the Sofitel, this bar offers top-notch cocktails as well as a breathtaking view of the city.
  • Kleinod: Tucked away in the city centre, a gem that combines luxury and understatement.
  • Loos American Bar: With a hundred years of history, this bar offers an atmosphere reminiscent of the Roaring Twenties.
  • Rote Bar: Sensuality meets cosmopolitanism at this eatery in Sigmund Freud Park.
  • Volksgarten: The who’s who of Viennese society meets here. Exclusivity and glamour are the hallmarks of this club.
  • Albertina Passage: A supper club that combines art and nightly entertainment. Try it out.
  • U4 Club: A landmark of the Viennese club scene, ideal for dance lovers of all music genres. Fancy shaking a leg with your Vienna escort?
  • Grelle Forelle: Electronic music and futuristic design are the highlights of this club located on the Danube. Fun guaranteed.

You have booked a VIP Escort Model Vienna and want to have fun among her peers? Then take a look here:

  • Platzhirsch: Located on Kärntner Straße, this club is the meeting place for celebrities.
  • The Bank Club: A former bank building transformed into a VIP club with international flair.
  • U4 Club: A landmark of Vienna’s club scene, ideal for dance lovers of all music genres.
  • Grelle Forelle: Electronic music and futuristic design are the highlights of this club located on the Danube.

Of course, there are also a few insider tips:

  • Door 7: A speakeasy bar that you can only enter by invitation. It doesn’t get more exclusive than this.
  • Donau Techno: A mixture of bar and art gallery, known especially for its extraordinary visual installations.

    Nightlife is like a generously embroidered velvet curtain that opens in front of you, inviting you to a rushing, sensual experience. Immerse yourself and discover it for yourself with your escort girl Vienna. A date in this city offers more than just an ordinary night out – it’s a journey into a world of seduction, grace and endless possibilities.

High Class Escort in Vienna and all over Austria Blue Label Models

It may be the place of coffee house culture and waltz melodies, but the city also embodies the epitome of a sensual, sophisticated lifestyle that is ideal for very special dates. Would you like to discover the venerable Danube metropolis in a very special light with your companion? Here are some exquisite suggestions for exclusive dating opportunities – SPECIAL DATING FOR YOU.

How about a mysterious night at the Kunsthistorisches Museum, for example? The museum offers guided tours after sunset. Experience the Venus of Willendorf in the flattering light of an antique lamp and let yourself be whisked away to the world of the pharaohs in the Egyptian section.

Do you prefer a private boat trip on the Old Danube? Forget the stress of everyday life and drift across the calm waters on a rented boat, just you and your date. Under the stars you can enjoy the pleasures of a carefully selected bottle of Viennese wine.

Why not combine the boat trip with a subsequent walk through the Palm House Garden at Schönbrunn. It offers an oasis of tropical luxury. An expert gardener can give you a private tour to learn more about the exotic plants.

Tucked away in the heart of the city, the Loos American offers an intimate atmosphere. The house speciality? Jazz and a cocktail called “Eros” that is sure to strike the right chords in a romantic date and delight your deluxe escort lady.

Last but not least, a special date could include stargazing from Cobenzl, a lesser known insider tip from Cobenzl Hill. With a telescope and a bottle of champagne, you and your luxury escort can go stargazing in the Viennese nights.

These unforgettable dating proposals from our Vienna escort agency fuse tradition, culture and sensual experience into a truly unique experience. Embark on this exquisite journey and discover the city from its most seductive side

High Class Escort in Vienna and all over Austria Blue Label Models

A themed date with the theme “Music is the key” in the city on the Danube offers numerous opportunities to enjoy the combination of a romantic atmosphere and musical culture. Imagine starting your evening with a visit to the Vienna State Opera, one of the world’s leading opera houses. Here you can immerse yourself in the world of classical music while experiencing works by composers such as Mozart, Beethoven or Strauss.

After the performance, you will head to a cosy Viennese café, such as the legendary Café Sacher. In this charming setting you can share your impressions of the concert with Austria’s most beautiful escort ladies over coffee and Sacher cake and discuss your favourite musical styles.

Afterwards, you could take a ride on the Ferris wheel in the Vienna Prater, where you can enjoy the view over the city at night. During this ride, a specially compiled playlist will provide the appropriate background music.

Finally, land in one of the city’s many jazz clubs, such as the Porgy & Bess. Here you can end the evening with live music and perhaps even improvise a few bars on the piano yourself to inspire your escort and give your girlfriend experience that certain something.

This themed date offers the perfect mix of culture, romance and musical indulgence, and shows why Vienna is considered one of the music capitals of the world. An evening like this is sure to remain unforgettable and could be the key to a successful escort experience in a class of its own.

High Class Escort in Vienna and all over Austria Blue Label Models

In the city’s cobbled streets, where time seems to stand still and the architecture is a hymn to the past, lurks a gastronomic experience of a special kind. Under the city’s magnificent mantle, you can climb to the highest heights of culinary art during a romantic rendezvous.

Steirereck im Stadtpark: a gem of the Viennese gastronomic scene. Crowned with two Michelin stars, this restaurant is a sensual firework for the palate. If you book here, you are not just booking a table, but a journey through Austria’s culinary landscape, elegantly modernised by chef Heinz Reitbauer. Let yourself be enchanted by molecular taste explosions in the elegant ambience that combines glass and steel with the green oasis of the city park. Your escort Vienna will certainly enjoy it.

Silvio Nickol Gourmet Restaurant: Tucked away in the Palais Coburg, experience luxury in its purest form here. The cellar houses one of the best wine collections in Europe, and every dish is a work of art in itself. A place where high class escorts love to be whisked away into the world of culinary delights.

Mraz & Sohn: A lesser-known insider tip located in Vienna’s 20th district. Here, chef Markus Mraz weaves avant-garde cooking techniques with down-to-earth Viennese tradition. An intimate setting for an in-depth conversation with your independent escort lady Vienna by candlelight.

Tian Restaurant: Veganism at star level – an insider tip from our escort agency, which offers you the best and most exclusive escort service in Austria. Located in Himmelpfortgasse, Tian is an oasis for those who prefer a plant-based diet but by no means want to sacrifice taste and elegance.

These venues offer much more than exquisite food; they are a symphony orchestra for all the senses, a sublime interplay of atmosphere, flavours and human artistry. A rendezvous in one of these temples of the culinary arts is not just a shared meal, it is an act of intellectual and sensual discovery, an unforgettable chapter in the shared history of an escort couple in the city of music.

High Class Escort in Vienna and all over Austria Blue Label Models

A trip to the Austrian capital is not only a time travel through the magnificent pages of European history, but also an ode to luxurious joie de vivre with escort girls Vienna. Especially for our ladies and their companions who want to embark on a romantic rendezvous in the baroque streets, the exclusive hotels of the city offer a unique setting.

One of the most magnificent establishments is the “Hotel Sacher” in Philharmonikerstrasse, near the Vienna State Opera. Here you can not only reside in elegant rooms, but also enjoy the world-famous Sacher cake in the hotel’s own café. For art lovers, the “Hotel Altstadt Vienna” in the Neubau district is a real insider tip. With its eccentric interior design, it offers an intimate, artistic atmosphere.


A kaleidoscope of baroque palaces and avant-garde art centres, the city opens its doors not only to lovers of classic beauty, but also to escort dates looking for an unconventional love experience. Forget the posh elegance of hotels for a moment and immerse yourself in alternative accommodation options that are as quaint as they are unusual.

  1. Houseboats on the Old Danube: Yes, you heard right! In a city known for its magnificent buildings, you can also sleep on the water. These floating retreats offer an intimacy you won’t find in an ordinary bedroom. Listen to the lapping of the water as you spend hours together under the stars.
  • Viennese tree houses: Located high up in the trees of the Praterwald, these architectural gems are a mecca for adventurers. Although technically on solid ground, the elevated tree houses make you feel like you’re in the middle of nature.
  • Cobenzl Castle: Although it is better known as a winery and educational institution, Cobenzl Castle occasionally offers overnight accommodation. During special events, you can sleep in the historic rooms and admire the sunrise over the Viennese vineyards the next morning.
  • Underground sleeping cars: An initiative transforms decommissioned underground carriages into temporary sleeping quarters. Parked in disused station areas, they offer a completely new perspective on the city and its public transport.

These extravagant accommodation options add an extra layer of adventure and romance to an already fascinating date in Vienna. They expand the horizons of what’s possible if you’re willing to question tradition and embrace the unknown with open arms.

In the elegant streets of Vienna and the picturesque landscapes of Austria, not only culture and history blossom, but also a discreet and exclusive escort service that meets the needs of discerning men – Blue Label Escort Agency Vienna offers much more than just company – it embodies style, class and the highest level of exclusive personalities. In this article we take a look at the world of escort services in Vienna and throughout Austria, where luxury and sophistication merge in a unique way.

The essence of escort services

An escort service in Vienna and Austria is characterised by discreet, professional and first-class escorts who specialise in providing their clients with an unforgettable experience. This service goes beyond simple companionship and includes a wide range of activities, from shared dinners and cultural events to travel, relaxation and sensual pleasure and eroticism.

Exclusivity and individuality

What sets Escort Vienna and all of Austria apart is the ability to cater to the individual needs and desires of gentlemen. Each discerning gentleman is considered a unique personality and the luxury escort women work to create tailor-made experiences that meet expectations. Discretion and confidentiality are always paramount.

Travel Escort Vienna and Austria

Austria is known for its breathtaking landscapes, from the majestic Alps to the picturesque lakes. A Our first class escort service offers the opportunity to explore this beauty in the company of an experienced escort. Whether it’s a romantic weekend away or an adventure trip, our agency will plan and organise your trip down to the last detail if you so desire.


Blue Label Escort Models in Vienna and throughout Austria offers a unique opportunity to experience luxury, elegance and tailor-made companionship in one sophisticated package. The carefully selected ladies ensure that every moment is an unforgettable experience, whether through cultural exploration or unforgettable travel. This world is all about fulfilling individual desires and creating memories that will last a lifetime. Your escort wishes. Your memories.

The capital of Austria is not only known for its stunning architecture, rich culture and exquisite food and the most beautiful and charming deluxe escort models, but also for the multitude of fascinating stories and legends that have developed over the centuries. These tales not only reflect the history and cultural development of the city, but also contribute to the mystical aura that surrounds Vienna. Immerse yourself in some of the most famous stories and legends that enrich the history of Vienna and enjoy telling your escort girl about one or two of them.

  1. The legend of St. Stephen’s Cathedral and the devil’s patience: The majestic St. Stephen’s Cathedral, also known as St. Stephen’s Cathedral in Vienna, is not only an impressive example of Gothic architecture, but also the setting for an exciting legend. The story tells of a contest between a master builder and the devil. The master builder promises the devil his soul if he manages to build a wall higher than the cathedral in a single night. The devil begins his work, but the clever master builder deceives the devil by making him imitate a cockcrow. The devil, believing that the night is over, gives up in frustration, leaving only an unfinished section of wall. This passage is known today as the “Devil’s Patience”.
  2. The legend of Empress Elisabeth (Sisi) and the unicorn: Empress Elisabeth, affectionately known as Sisi, was one of the most colourful figures in Austrian history. One legend tells of a special connection between Sisi and a unicorn in the Schönbrunn Zoo. It is said that Sisi met regularly with the unicorn and developed a unique friendship that protected her from the challenges of royal life.

These two stories and legends are only a mini fraction of the rich collection of stories. They give the city a special atmosphere that interweaves past and present. While some of these tales may be based on myth and fantasy, they still help define the culture and charm of Vienna.

The exclusive deluxe escort service in Vienna offers a multifaceted range of sensual experiences that enable closeness, intimacy, and personal development at the highest level. In a world where individuality is valued, the Blue Label Escort Service not only fulfils physical needs, but also deeper longings.

Men have diverse sexual desires that can range from experimental encounters, girlfriend experience to sensitive role play at a Castle Event. Our agency and all its ladies understand that every man is unique and has different preferences. The ladies know how to cater to these needs and deal with them discreetly and respectfully.

Although sexual exploration can be a part of escorting, we also stress the importance of consensuality, respect and boundary setting. Intimate adventures should take place in a safe and trusting environment where the desires and boundaries of each individual are respected – both the gentleman and our High Class Escorts Vienna.

In addition to exciting moments, the Blue Labele escort agency also offers the opportunity to establish an empathic-emotional connection, to have conversations and to share common experiences beyond pure eroticism. Ultimately, it is about providing a comprehensive and fulfilling experience that respects and addresses the multi-layered needs and desires of gentlemen.

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