Welcome to the exclusive New York Escort in the city that never sleeps! In this enchanted world metropolis, where lights dance and shadows whisper, discover together places of sensual magic. Experience secret moments in mystical Central Park and breathe in the lure from the top of the Rock. Let passionate romance ignite under the dancing starry sky at the Empire State Building. The golden sunset on the Brooklyn Bridge promises unforgettable moments with your luxury escort model, while Little Italy seduces with first-class culinary delights. Discover hidden treasures on the High Line and let the city of unlimited possibilities take you on an adventure full of joy, sensuality and eroticism and enjoy a seductive “NYC escort bite” in the Big Apple. 💗


BlueLabel Escort NY City

Welcome to the exclusive New York Escort in the city that never sleeps! In this enchanted world metropolis, where lights dance and shadows whisper, discover together places of sensual magic. Experience secret moments in mystical Central Park and breathe in the lure from the top of the Rock. Let passionate romance ignite under the dancing starry sky at the Empire State Building. The golden sunset on the Brooklyn Bridge promises unforgettable moments with your luxury escort model, while Little Italy seduces with first-class culinary delights. Discover hidden treasures on the High Line and let the city of unlimited possibilities take you on an adventure full of joy, sensuality and eroticism and enjoy a seductive “NYC escort bite” in the Big Apple. 💗


NY City Traffic

New York City, the city that never sleeps, is teeming with romantic corners and iconic landmarks waiting for you to discover. A date in this incredible city offers endless opportunities to experience magical moments together.

  1. Central Park: An oasis of calm in the centre of the urban hustle and bustle, this park provides the perfect backdrop for romantic strolls. With an Elite Escort New York lady by your side, experience intimate moments here and share glimpses across the shimmering pond. Here you can take a romantic boat ride on Bethesda Terrace and admire the city skyline.
  2. Top of the Rock: For a breathtaking view of the city, we recommend the Top of the Rock lookout. Here, on the roof of Rockefeller Center, you can enjoy the sunset over the Manhattan skyline and lose yourself in the glow of the lights together with your Companion.
  3. Empire State Building: Experience the breathtaking view over the city that never sleeps. At night, the observation deck transforms into a place of magical encounters under the stars. Use this opportunity to get a little closer to your lady.
  4. Brooklyn Bridge at sunset: Stroll hand in hand with your VIP escort lady across this historic landmark. The setting sun bathes the skyline in golden light and the glittering waters of the East River create a romantic atmosphere – an insider tip for all romantics among you!
  5. Little Italy : Here escort couples can enjoy authentic Italian cuisine. A candlelight dinner in one of the many cosy restaurants is the perfect end to a romantic day.
  6. Insider tip: The High Line For those looking for the extraordinary, The High Line is a real insider tip. This former elevated railway line has been transformed into a floating park and offers a unique view of the streets of New York.

New York City is a city of unlimited possibilities. With its numerous sights, landmarks and romantic places, it offers the perfect setting for a date of a special kind – a high class escort date.

The Blue Label Escort Agency New York arranges exclusive encounters with first-class NYC luxury escort models for you, who will bring you closer to the city with all its facets.

Escort NY City Nightlife

A world full of cultural treasures and sensual experiences opens up in the middle of the city. Here, where history and modernity meet, every rendezvous becomes a journey through art, music and theatricality.


Immerse yourself in the world of drama and song – Broadway enchants with world-famous musicals and plays. Here hearts beat faster and romance flows through the air. Your Blue Label Escort Lady will love it!

Metropolitan Museum of Art:

Explore the historic works of art that adorn the halls of the Metropolitan Museum together. Every corner holds a new story, every work of art a new mystery.

Carnegie Hall:

Be seduced by the harmonious sounds of classical music that resound in the world-famous Carnegie Hall. A date here is a feast for the senses. Our VIP escort Ora is a big fan of classical music.

Jazz Clubs in Greenwich Village:

Experience the intimacy and passion of jazz in the iconic clubs of Greenwich Village. The music here speaks volumes and tells stories of love, lust and desire.

MoMA – Museum of Modern Art:

Immerse yourself in the diverse and provocative world of modern art at MoMA. Every work of art is a dialogue starter, every exhibition an adventure. It is already certain: you and your deluxe escort lady will have a lot to talk about afterwards.

New York Philharmonic:

Listen to the majestic sounds of the renowned New York Philharmonic. The music becomes a symphony of hearts.

These are just some of the cultural opportunities the city offers. Every street, every neighbourhood, holds new adventures and secrets to be discovered.

Perhaps you have a few extra days and have booked a travel companion from the Blue Label Escort Agency, so that you are not alone in a foreign city and can create wonderful memories with a companion by your side.

You prefer to shine at the side of a celebrity? With pleasure. Our unique selling points include our VIP escort ladies who are either actresses, presenters, social media influencers or supermodels. Feel free to contact us and we will arrange a perfect date for you.

BlueLabel Escort NY

New York – the city of lights, where temptation is in the air and the night becomes a playground for romantic escapades. Hidden among the shimmering facades are places that will quicken your pulse of the senses and turn the night into a sensual, wicked adventure.

Le Bain at The Standard, High Line:

    • Atmosphere: Sensual, with panoramic views of the Hudson River.
    • Possibilities: Indulge together in the rooftop terrace atmosphere, enjoy cocktails in a stylish ambience.

The Back Room:

    • Location: Lower East Side, a historic Prohibition gem.
    • Experience: Here you can discover hidden secrets while sipping from tea cups filled with exquisite cocktails.

1 OAK:

    • Luxury meets exclusivity: A VIP club experience that is second to none.
    • Character: Here you will meet the Who’s Who of the city, in an ambience of art and glamour.

The Box:

    • Seductive: Discover the dark and wicked side of New York.
    • Spectacular: Here you will be treated to a breathtaking show night after night.


    • Unique: A bar reminiscent of an old pharmacy.
    • Creativity: Cocktails are mixed like medicine here, a treat for all the senses.

Abduct your luxury escort into a world where night becomes day and every moment is a promise of sensual fulfilment. Let yourself be enchanted by the magic of the city and immerse yourself in a night you will never forget with our exclusive escort service from the Blue Label escort agency.

NY City spa

When the city streets are hectic, romantic and sensual wellness oases take you to a sphere of relaxation and intimacy.

One of the jewels in this city is without a doubt the AIRE Ancient Baths. Located in Tribeca, this spa promises a retreat into the past with Roman and Greek-style baths surrounded by candlelight and soft, soothing music.

In Brooklyn, Body by Brooklyn charms with Scandinavian saunas and Russian steam baths. A seductive selection of treatments allows you and your Deluxe Escort New York to forget everyday life and indulge in romantic togetherness.

For those seeking the exquisite, The Mandarin Oriental Spa at Columbus Circle is an unmissable stop. With a panoramic view of Central Park, this luxurious retreat offers an oasis of tranquillity and exclusive treatments to balance body and mind.

No less impressive is the “Spa de La Mer” in the Baccarat Hotel. Here, French charm and New York flair merge to create a unique wellness experience. The spa relies on the healing power of the sea to create a balance of body and soul.

Finally, mention should be made of the “Great Jones Spa“, where the element of water is celebrated in all its forms. A three-storey waterfall and therapeutic steam baths invite you to linger and dream.

Treat yourself to relaxed togetherness and let it heat up nicely in the saunas. Afterwards, it can continue hot with your New York escort girl in a more intimate place. 🔥🔥🔥

Dinner Date in nyc

This city is bursting with creative energy, so it’s not hard to find exquisite luxury and Michelin-starred restaurants that are perfect for unforgettable dates. The three-star Michelin restaurant Per Se impresses with avant-garde cuisine and views of Central Park. Le Bernardin, also awarded three Michelin stars, seduces with exquisite seaside cuisine in a refined ambience. Eleven Madison Park promises a culinary journey through New York’s taste landscapes, while The River Café under the Brooklyn Bridge offers not only fine dining but also an unparalleled view of Manhattan. Each of these restaurants tells its own story of culinary indulgence. A date with an elite escort New York at these luxurious establishments is a celebration of the city’s senses and culture. It’s not just about the food, but about unique shared experiences in the city that never sleeps.

NY City Hotel

Blue Label escort agency offers you excellent NYC escort service and recommends here some of the world’s most exclusive hotels, ideal for a date to end it insanely wild, erotic and with pure love. On famous Fifth Avenue lies the iconic Plaza Hotel, synonymous with luxury and sensuality. Not far away, the magnificent St. Regis New York near Central Park offers impeccable service and breathtaking city views during a private dinner. The Mandarin Oriental, on the other hand, located at the Time Warner Center, enchants with panoramic views of the skyline and a luxurious spa area. These hotels are not only places of accommodation, but also offer unforgettable experiences through exclusive culinary delights, high-quality wellness areas and proximity to cultural highlights.

NY City Statue

The city that never sleeps opens its doors to you and your NYC VIP escort lady and unfolds a palette of romantic sensual possibilities for a very special date:

Central Park Carriage Ride: Be seduced by classic romance and enjoy a private carriage ride through the famous Central Park. The rustling of leaves and the gentle clatter of horses punctuate the magic of the encounter.

Private boat ride on the Hudson River: Explore the sparkling waters of New York and experience the skyline on a private boat ride on the Hudson River. The gentle sway of the waves adds an unforgettable touch to your escort date.

Brooklyn Botanic Garden: Amidst blooming splendour, the Brooklyn Botanic Garden transports you into a world of tranquillity and sensuality. The explosion of colours and scents of the exotic plants creates an intimate atmosphere and invites you to sniff each other.

Metropolitan Opera House: Imagine being welcomed by your sexy Blue Label companion in a long, tight little dress on the steps of the opera house – from afar, she radiates elegance, beauty and sex appeal, making you want to indulge in an intimate place of pleasure right away. Dress in your finest attire, increase your desire at the sight of your lady and let the world-class opera at the Metropolitan Opera House excite you.

Dine at the River Café: Finish off your special date with a culinary experience at the famous River Café. With views of the sparkling skyline, paired with exquisite culinary delights, a magical symbiosis is created.

The city of unlimited possibilities reveals a world of magic and romance for lovers. Every corner, every light, every moment becomes a stage for unforgettable memories.

BlueLabel Escort NY City Firework

Have you ever heard of a theme-based date?

Let’s say you have a particular hobby or theme that your heart burns for – we like to take that theme and turn it into various date ideas. The topic itself does not matter; whether football, music, magic or glamour, in this section we present you with ideas of what a theme-related date could look like and what you could do with one of our escort women.

For Big Apple we have thought of the Four Seasons Date, because rendezvous take place throughout the year. Each season works its own magic and gives the opportunity for unique dates. Here are escort date suggestions for each season:

A sensual walk through Central Park in spring, when the blossoms are in full splendour, opens up a world of romance, accompanied by the gentle song of birds and the fresh breeze of nature’s awakening.

Summer bliss can be found on the rooftops of the city, in rooftop bars like The Press Lounge, with breathtaking panoramic views and refreshing cocktails to invigorate the senses. The bustle of the streets below lends a special intimacy to the moment.

With autumn, melancholy moves into the city, perfect for a cultural date. Experience the fascinating world of art at the renowned Metropolitan Museum of Art, where historical treasures and modern masterpieces touch and inspire souls. The scent of freshly fallen leaves and the cool breeze make a visit a sensual experience.

When winter casts its spell over New York, the city becomes a glittering wonderland. Perfect for giving your exclusive escort girl a happy smile. Ice skating at the famous Rockefeller Center, surrounded by twinkling lights and the festive atmosphere, makes hearts beat faster. The cold air tingles your skin. Warm your companion’s hand, whisper hot fantasies and melt the ice.

In conclusion, New York offers a magnificent setting for unforgettable encounters at any time of year.


Maybe this question is already on your mind, whether escort is allowed in the United States. Unfortunately, a misinterpretation of the facts is still circulating, equating a high-class escort lady with a prostitute. There are clear differences between the two women. The crucial point that differentiates legal escort services from illegal prostitution is that independent escort ladies of a reputable escort agency like Blue Label Models offer time and not sexual services for money. How the high class escort ladies spend their time with you is entirely up to them – just like any other date.

Our escort ladies offer you their company for time together – whether on a dinner date, as a travel companion or as a GFE at an event and this is absolutely legal in most countries.

Legally permitted escort services such as Blue Label Models allow their clients to enjoy the natural course of a date in the company of an attractive, gracious and stylish lady without fear of being legally prosecuted.

Moreover, dating agencies are obliged to follow guidelines. Therefore, it is significant that you do enough research and choose a trustworthy agency that meets the legal requirements. Choose Blue Label Models and you will get the most valuable thing there is: Time with a charming lady!

For those looking for the unusual, New York City offers some incomparable experiences that can be shared with an escort lady:

  1. Night Kayak Paddle the Hudson River by moonlight and experience the city lights from the water.
  2. Ghost Walk through Greenwich Village Discover the spooky secrets of New York and experience an exciting night full of stories and mysteries.
  3. Trapeze Lessons Swing high into the air and experience the thrill of flying at one of the city’s trapeze schools.
  4. Speakeasy Tour Delve into the past and discover hidden bars where the Prohibition era is brought back to life.
  5. Underground Jazz Clubs Enjoy the authentic sound of New York City in intimate, underground clubs and let yourself be enchanted by jazz music.
  6. Street Art Tour in Bushwick Discover the colourful and expressive artworks that adorn the walls of Bushwick and immerse yourself in urban culture.
  7. Culinary Exploration in Queens Explore Queens’ ethnic diversity through a culinary journey that takes you through different countries and flavours.
  8. Escape Room Adventure Work together to solve puzzles and escape the room before time runs out – a fun and challenging venture!
  9. Hot-Air Balloon Ride over the Hudson Valley Float over the scenic Hudson Valley at sunrise for breathtaking views and unforgettable moments.
  10. Apothecary Cocktail Workshop Mix and match cocktails in a secret

New York City offers an unparalleled shopping experience that will delight even the most discerning shopaholics. The metropolis is a melting pot of cultures, and this mosaic is reflected in the diversity of its shops.

Fifth Avenue is synonymous with luxury and elegance, with world-famous brands such as Tiffany & Co, Gucci and Louis Vuitton. Here you can indulge in the glittering world of high-end fashion with your elite escort model, discover the latest trends and perhaps surprise your lady with a fragrance, beautiful high heels, sexy lingerie or jewellery.

But New York’s shopping world goes beyond luxury. SoHo, with its cobblestone streets and wrought-iron facades, is the epicentre for trendy boutiques and up-and-coming designers. Here, fashion enthusiasts find unique pieces that define their style.

In Brooklyn, Williamsburg offers an alternative shopping scene where vintage shops and craft shops await creative shoppers. The Smorgasburg food market is a must for foodies looking for culinary treasures.

Chinatown and Little Italy offer exotic goods and authentic Italian and Asian products, while the street artists of Greenwich Village hawk original works of art.

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