Dearest gentleman, Escort Capri calls you with its seductive promises. In the narrow alleyways of Anacapri, immerse yourself in a world of noble adventure! The Blue Grotto awaits you and your VIP escort lady with its deep azure colours, a place where the sea will seduce your senses. The ancient ruins of Villa Jovis tell stories of past lovers, feel the passion of the past. And finally, at Ristorante Aurora, not only the flavours of the cuisine, but also your eyes merge in a sensual dance of the night. The fire of passion is kindled on Capri!


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Dearest gentleman, Escort Capri calls you with its seductive promises. In the narrow alleyways of Anacapri, immerse yourself in a world of noble adventure! The Blue Grotto awaits you and your VIP escort lady with its deep azure colours, a place where the sea will seduce your senses. The ancient ruins of Villa Jovis tell stories of past lovers, feel the passion of the past. And finally, at Ristorante Aurora, not only the flavours of the cuisine, but also your eyes merge in a sensual dance of the night. The fire of passion is kindled on Capri!


Escort Yacht in Capri

Capri, the jewelled island of the Tyrrhenian Sea, invites you on a sensual adventure that will remain unforgettable. Imagine strolling through the charming streets of Capri Town with your companion and being enchanted by the Mediterranean flair. Explore the historic Piazzetta, the vibrant centre of the island, and enjoy an espresso in one of the picturesque cafés.

Venture further afield and discover the majestic Villa Jovis, former residence of the Roman Emperor Tiberius, which offers breathtaking views of the sea. For nature lovers and hikers, a visit to the Faraglioni rocks is a must – a fascinating natural spectacle of jagged rock formations rising out of the crystal-clear water.

To fully experience the beauty of the island, it is worth taking a boat trip along the coast, past the spectacular Blue Grotto and the picturesque Marina Piccola. Go on a hike to Monte Solaro, the highest point on the island, take your escort lady in your arms and enjoy the panoramic view of the island and the sea together.

Insider tip: Visit the lesser-known Giardini di Augusto, a tranquil oasis with colourful gardens and a spectacular view of the coast. Capri is a place where romance and nature come together in perfect harmony – perfect for an unforgettable escort date.

Unter Wasser Date

An escort date on Capri offers the perfect opportunity to experience the cultural diversity of this enchanting island in the Gulf of Naples. The island, known for its beauty and elegance, is characterised by a rich cultural offering:

  1. Opera in the open air: The majestic ruins of Villa Jovis provide an extraordinary backdrop for opera performances under the stars. Here you can be whisked away into the world of classical music and feel the magic of antiquity. Look forward to the sexy, elegant outfit of your escort model Capri.
  2. Cinema on the beach: For film lovers, there is nothing more romantic than a cinema experience on the beach of Marina Piccola. With your feet in the sand and the sound of the waves in the background, you can embark on a cinematic adventure with your VIP escort.
  3. Theatre in the monastery: The historic Carthusian monastery Certosa di San Giacomo is transformed into a magical venue for theatre performances. Between the centuries-old walls, the poetry of theatrical art unfolds in a special atmosphere.
  4. Concerts at Villa San Michele: The magnificent Villa San Michele, once home to the Swedish doctor Axel Munthe, is an insider tip for music lovers. From classical concerts to jazz evenings, it offers a wide range of musical highlights.

Delight your companion and whisk them away to one of Capri’s cultural highlights. You will create memories together on this paradisiacal island.

High Class Capri Model in the pool

Enjoy an exclusive escort date with your escort lady on the breathtaking island of Capri, crowned by luxurious wellness and spa offers. Create romantic moments in the thermal baths of the Giardini di Augusto, nestled in magnificent gardens and framed by an unforgettable view of the Faraglioni rocks. Indulge yourself at the Capri Palace Hotel & Spa in Anacapri and treat yourself to a comprehensive wellness experience with exclusive treatments at the renowned Capri Beauty Farm.

Immerse yourself in the healing springs of the Grotta Azzurra and experience the unique blue glow of the water up close. For extra privacy and romance, we recommend Villa Mediterranea, an exclusive spa resort with a variety of private pools and saunas.

Let yourself be pampered and enjoy the Italian dolce vita to the full with your luxury escort model Capri.

Party night in Capri

Experience the ultimate luxury nightlife alongside a Deluxe Escort Capri! Immerse yourself in a world of elegance and exclusivity as you explore the island’s world-class bars and clubs. Start your evening with a visit to Number Two, a renowned nightclub with spectacular sea views and first-class music.

Taverna Anema e Core is another highlight where you can enjoy live music and a lively atmosphere. For a more private experience, the VIP Room Capri offers discreet and elegant lounges that provide a perfect setting for intimate conversations, intense flirting moments and first tender touches.

Don’t miss Jacky O‘, known for its innovative cocktails and spectacular views of the coast. An insider tip for discerning guests is the exclusive Quisisana Terrace, which offers you an authentic experience in the heart of Capri.

Your night will be a journey to the luxurious hotspots of the Italian high society island – and the best thing about it: you will enjoy a stylish rendezvous with your High Class Escort Capri!

Abenteuer auf See Capri

On Capri, Blue Label escort agency promises exclusivity and romance in a unique setting. If you want to enjoy much more than an ordinary dinner date, we recommend our tips in our local section: “Special Dating”:

  1. Villa Jovis: The remains of the former residence of Emperor Tiberius not only offer historical insights, but also a breathtaking view of the Tyrrhenian Sea.
  2. Grotta Azzurra: Experience the fascinating play of light in this world-famous sea grotto. The blue colours and mystical atmosphere create a unique setting for togetherness.
  3. Gardens of Augustus: Stroll through these magnificent botanical gardens and enjoy the view of the iconic Faraglioni rocks and the Via Krupp.
  4. La Fontelina Beach Club: An exclusive beach club located directly on the Faraglioni rocks that will spoil you with first-class Mediterranean cuisine and luxury by the sea. Our escort girls love this place.
  5. Monte Solaro: Take the cable car to the highest point of the island and enjoy the panoramic view over the Gulf of Naples and the coast of Amalfi.
Capri Yacht Model dating

Do you already know our service offer of themed escort dates? Here Blue Label Escort Agency offers you ideas and suggestions for exclusive, romantic, unusual dates on a specific theme in the respective location. There are no limits to creativity and theme requests.

Capri offers you a breathtaking backdrop for an extraordinary themed date with your dream companion. Start your romantic day with a boat trip to the Grotta Azzurra, for example. Enjoy a delicious champagne breakfast together. Here you can already watch your escort Capri sunbathing in a breath of fresh air.

On land, you can enjoy an arm-in-arm stroll through the narrow streets of the Piazzetta before stopping for a cappuccino in one of the charming cafés.

The Villa San Michele in Anacapri with its spectacular view over the Gulf of Naples provides an enchanting backdrop for intimate conversations.

Pure relaxation on the exclusive beaches of Marina Piccola, a luxurious dinner in the renowned restaurant Il Riccio, right by the sea and a night full of passion – would that be something for you too?

Couple Dinner Date

The exclusive ladies of our High Class Escort Agency Capri love to dine first-class and in a luxurious ambience. Here are our restaurant recommendations:

Ristorante Il Riccio, famous for its breathtaking location overlooking the turquoise blue sea and for its fresh seafood.

La Fontelina, a charming beach club and restaurant hidden among the iconic Faraglioni rocks. Here you will be spoilt with Mediterranean cuisine and a view that will leave you spellbound.

L’Olivo in the Hotel Capri Palace, awarded two Michelin stars. Here you can enjoy innovative dishes that reinterpret traditional Neapolitan flavours in a luxurious setting.

High Class Escort Model Capri

The choice of hotel for such an exclusive escort date is of great importance. To ensure an unforgettably luxurious experience, we present our recommendations of exquisite hotels on Capri:

  1. Hotel Punta Tragara: With a view of the Faraglioni rocks, an exclusive oasis awaits you here. The first-class service and luxurious ambience leave nothing to be desired.
  2. JK Place Capri: This elegant hotel by the sea offers breathtaking views and an intimate flair.
  3. Capri Palace Jumeirah: In the heart of Anacapri, you will find this exquisite accommodation with a Michelin restaurant and an exclusive pool.

Enjoy a perfect hotel experience with your Escort Capri, also arranged by our escort agency at your request.

Esteemed gentlemen, raise anchor for an unrivalled escort date on the high seas. On a yacht, you and your high-class escort lady will embrace the freedom of the ocean while being kissed by the sun. Start the day with a champagne breakfast on deck as we enjoy the majestic view of Capri’s coastline. Dive into the refreshing waters and swim hand in hand to hidden coves. At lunchtime, an exquisite meal prepared by a private chef awaits you, accompanied by fine wines and the gentle rocking of the sea. As the sun slowly sinks into the horizon, you can admire the play of colours in the evening sky while you and your lady snuggle up together wrapped in blankets, deep in conversation. Hours of togetherness, hours of romance and tingling eroticism await you.

Discover the tantalising world of luxury with the exclusive escort service of Blue Label Models in Capri. Our stunning companions offer discreet and sophisticated service for the discerning gentleman. Enjoy unforgettable moments in exclusive company, be it a romantic dinner, a relaxing stroll along the coast or a glamorous event. Our Capri escorts are beautiful, articulate, witty, charming and incredibly sensual and sexy. They look forward to making your stay on Capri an unforgettable experience. Immerse yourself in the world of luxury and sensuality with Blue Label Models.

Ben, a regular customer of Blue Label Escort Models reports: “The date with escort girl Daphne on Capri was simply incredible! What a woman! So sensitive and entertaining and at the same time she has a great sense of humour. A business trip to Naples was coming up and I thought to myself: how can I combine this with some “time out”? I rang Charlotte and asked if she had a passionate girl for me. Daphne had just been to Capri and so after my business trip I travelled to Capri to meet Daphne. She is so elegant and really has a captivating charisma. I couldn’t take my eyes off her lips for the first hour. What can I say? The eight hours flew by. We had absolutely brilliant se-x! Escort Capri – gladly again!

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