Age:   29

Residence:   Berlin

Nationality:   Deutsch

Languages:   German, english, french

Height:   175 CM

Measurements:   91-62-94

Tattoos / Piercings:   Yes / No

Eye colour:   Brown

Hair colour:   Blond

Style:   Stylish, cool, chic

Professional background:   artist

Interests:   Riding, tennis, travelling

Prefered Cuisine:   Italian, French

Drinks:   Chardonnay

Parfum:   Dior – J´adore

Smoking:   No

Vaccinated:   Yes

Category:   Opal

Jessy Blue Label Models
Jessy Blue Label Models
Jessy Blue Label Models

The passion we feel for others makes us more beautiful.

Jessy Blue Label Models

Oscar Wilde

Hi, I'm Jessy and I love to explore and discover everything! I'm an adventurer by nature and always curious to discover new things. My life revolves around creativity, art and travelling, which I live out in all areas of life. I love to express myself in different styles and looks, and as an escort I have the opportunity to realise my passion for this as well as for erotic adventures. My outgoing and friendly personality has helped me gain a foothold in the escort world. I enjoy being a lady at the side of a gentleman, being taken out by him and then pampering him passionately. Find out more about me on a date and I guarantee you: There's never a dull moment with me. 💕💕💕
Jessy is undoubtedly one of the most extraordinary escort models I have ever met. She is bursting with creativity and her versatility is very impressive. Jessy can slip into different roles and feel comfortable in any look. Her ability to transform herself is truly remarkable. What sets Jessy apart even more, however, is her wonderful personality. She is incredibly open and warm, and you can immediately feel how much she loves life. Her enthusiasm for art and travelling is infectious. What else I can definitely say: Jessy is like a whirlwind - full of energy and enthusiasm. However, she can be just as quiet, contemplative and extremely seductive, and in those moments she has one hell of an aura that you have to experience, gentlemen! Spending time with Jessy is simply pure pleasure - feel her positive mood, her inspiring nature and her passion for sensual seduction! If you would like a date with our high-class escort girl, please feel free to contact me. I look forward to your message.

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