Age:   22

Residence:   Dubai

Nationality:   Hungarian

Languages:   English, Hungarian

Height:   169 CM

Measurements:   88-58-88

Tattoos / Piercings:   No / No

Eye colour:   Blue

Hair colour:   Brown

Style:   Feminine, stylish

Professional background:   Model

Interests:   Travel, fashion, animals, Instagram-lifestyle

Prefered Cuisine:   Japanese, haute cuisine

Drinks:   Wine (white and ros√©)

Parfum:   Chanel

Smoking:   No

Vaccinated:   Yes

Category:   VIP

Mina Blue Label Models
Mina Blue Label Models
Mina Blue Label Models

Passion is the flame that drives away the darkness of loneliness.

Mina Blue Label Models

Jeanette Winterson

Welcome to my world! My name is Mina and in every pore of my body you can feel the burning of passion and the fire that sparkles in my eyes tells stories from the most exotic corners of this earth. I have traveled half the world, from the vibrant metropolises of Asia to the hidden beaches of the Caribbean. Each place has left a piece of its magic in me, and that is reflected in my sensual yet sophisticated demeanor. Fashion and the glitzy Instagram lifestyle are not just trends for me, they are an expression of who I am. They show my versatility, my willingness to experiment and my constant urge to push the boundaries. Because I believe in change, in constantly playing with light and shadow. I am the queen of seduction, and when you look into my eyes, you feel the silent call. A whisper that says, "Seduce me." My looks are like an open invitation to a world of sensuality, surprise and irresistible energy. Dare to go on this journey with me, and I promise it will be a ride you won't soon forget. ūüíč
When I saw Mina for the first time, my breath caught in my throat. There stood this delicate, sweet girl - a picture of grace and purity. But looking deeper, you felt the irresistible presence of a seductive vamp, someone who knows life and exactly how she plays her cards. It was as if two worlds merged in her: the innocent creature and the confident femme fatale. Mina is a mega-win for our Blue Label escort agency. Her worldly manner combined with a clever eloquence makes every conversation an experience. You can talk for hours with her about cultures, fashion, travel or just about life. In doing so, she is a master at captivating her listeners. Her stories are not only interesting, but often tongue-in-cheek, showing that she doesn't take life too seriously. But it's her sex appeal that really impresses. Men literally hang on her lips, spellbound by every word, every move. But Mina never plays with them - she is authentic, real and always herself. For me, Mina is the perfect example that true beauty comes from within and that it takes more than just good looks to be successful as an escort in this industry. XO Charlotte

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