Age:   24

Residence:   Paris and Europe

Nationality:   French

Languages:   French, English, Spanish

Height:   178

Measurements:   93-61-94

Tattoos / Piercings:   No/No

Eye colour:   Brown

Hair colour:   Brown

Style:   Elegant, feminine

Professional background:   Interior designer

Interests:   Fashion, Sports, Dancing, Music

Prefered Cuisine:   French, Italian, Japanese

Drinks:   Wine, Champagne

Parfum:   YSL Nuit

Smoking:   No

Vaccinated:   Yes

Category:   VIP

Jade Blue Label Models

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Jade Blue Label Models

True passion lies in the depth of the heart.

Jade Blue Label Models

Vladimir Nabokov

Welcome and bienvenue to my site! My name is Jade and I am the newest discovery of Blue Label Escort Agency. Born and raised in the picturesque streets of France, I bring with me not only the essence of French elegance, but also an exotic mastery of seduction. The world of glamour is not new territory for me; it is a playground for my creativity and passion. Those who know me will confirm that I have a kind, empathetic and caring nature. I love the little things in life and fully savor every moment. It is this hunger for life that drives me to always make the most of everything. The vibrancy and energy I exude are contagious and captivate people and especially the gentlemen. As the newest face at the renowned high class escort agency, I am looking forward to conquering the escort industry. The world is full of wonders and I am constantly looking for the next great adventure. With an open-minded attitude, I love to discover new things, be it in fashion, culture or the many other facets of life. Wearing lingerie, especially Victoria's Secret, is not only a style for me, but also an art form. And yes, I admit, I enjoy seducing the gentlemen. I love to drive them into erotic madness by fulfilling their fantasies and always coming up with surprises. I look forward to meeting you in person soon, chers messieurs. Will you accompany me? Á très bientôt- see you soon, your Jade.
We are happy to welcome Jade to the team of Blue Label Escort Agency! It is my great pleasure to welcome Jade as a new face in our exclusive family of the most exclusive escort ladies. From the moment she stepped through our doors, I knew there was something special about Jade. Her breathtaking beauty is impossible to ignore. Her soft skin reminds me of the gentle touch of a summer evening breeze, and her delicate lips evoke the texture of satin. But it's her exotic and seductive look that catches everyone's eye and will absolutely wow our clients! Jade is not only beautiful - but her character is also really impressive. Affectionate, warm-hearted and friendly - so charming. And not to mention, her excellent education, which makes her an extremely interesting and multi-faceted young woman. I especially admire how she balances her confidence with a natural modesty. It's a rare and admirable quality that sets her apart from many. The whole Blue Label team is so excited and so happy to have you! Dear gentlemen, don't delay and book Jade today! XO Charlotte

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