Age:   27

Residence:   Hannover, Frankfurt, Hamburg

Nationality:   German

Languages:   English, German, Afghan, Persian

Height:   177

Measurements:    92-65-83

Tattoos / Piercings:   No / Yes in the belly button

Eye colour:   Brown

Hair colour:   Black

Style:   Elegant, sporty, chic

Professional background:   Degree in Psychology

Interests:   Cooking, art, painting, music, dancing

Prefered Cuisine:   Italian, vegetarian

Drinks:   white wine, long drinks

Parfum:   Bloom, Kenzo

Smoking:   No

Vaccinated:   Yes

Category:   Opal

Amal Blue Label Models
Amal Blue Label Models
Amal Blue Label Models

The passion we feel for others makes us more beautiful.

Amal Blue Label Models

Oscar Wilde

Hello, I'm Amal, a high-class escort lady who embodies the exotic flair of Persian origin and the sensual elegance of my mid-20s. The magic of my culture and my youth exudes an irresistible attraction that I wish to share as a precious gift to the charming gentlemen. As a non-smoker, I appreciate clean air and clear thoughts, combined with a passion for Italian cuisine. As a vegetarian, I consciously choose healthy and sustainable food, and I really enjoy cooking. There is hardly anything more sensual than the smell of freshly made pasta melting on my tongue. If you are looking for escort and at the same time share your love for Italian cuisine, we could share an unforgettable dining experience. My artistic skills are not limited to the kitchen. With brush and palette in hand, I create images that bring feelings to life. My art is a reflection of my soul, colourful, passionate and unconventional. She gives me a creative touch that makes my experience as a high-class escort service so unique. Music and dance are my passions, they are like the melodies of my heart. With every movement and every rhythm I express my sense of joy and love of life. My humorous and outgoing nature makes me the perfect companion for an evening of laughter and carefree fun. With a degree in Psychology, I bring a deep empathy and understanding of human emotions. As a loving and passionate woman, I know that true intimacy is about more than physical closeness. With every look, every word and every touch I strive to create a connection on a deeper level. I invite you to experience an incomparable emotional and sensual journey with me. As a very open high-class escort lady, I offer a full service that will exceed your expectations. My sensuality will captivate you and our moments together will become precious memories. With my loving and passionate nature, I will ensure that our encounter is not just a temporary escapade, but a truly fulfilling experience. Gentlemen, I look forward to see you!
Dear gentlemen, discover Amal, a jewel in our high-class escort service portfolio. A captivating beauty, Amal embodies the perfect balance of youthful energy and sensual maturity. In their company you will experience a touch of the exotic. Let yourself be taken in by your creative streak. Her creative passion is reflected in her work as a high-class escort lady, where she turns every moment into a unique masterpiece of sensuality. As an enthusiastic hobby cook, she brings together healthy nutrition and sensual enjoyment in a fascinating way. Her cooking skills are impressive and could be the highlight of every escort date. Amal exudes a natural happiness that is contagious. She is a humorous and outgoing person who loves music and dance. I experience Amal as a very approachable and open young escort lady who, thanks to her deep understanding and empathy, counts as an exceptional companion at every escort rendezvous. Experience Amal's sensual openness to all sexual preferences and discover what makes the Blue Label High Class Escort Service so special. Well, excited? I look forward to your Whatsapp message for Amal. XO Charlotte

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