Age:   24

Residence:   London

Nationality:   French

Languages:   Englisch, French, Spanish

Height:   173 CM

Measurements:   90-59-88

Tattoos / Piercings:   No / No

Eye colour:   Brown

Hair colour:   Dark brown

Style:   Feminine, casual

Professional background:   Supermodel

Interests:   Travel, Fashion, Classical Music, Cultural

Prefered Cuisine:   French, asian

Drinks:   Wine

Parfum:   Guerlain - Rose Chérie

Smoking:   No

Vaccinated:   Yes

Category:   VIP

Ora Blue Label Models
Ora Blue Label Models

Eroticism is the language of passion.

Ora Blue Label Models

Isabel Allende

Hello and bonjour, I'm Ora, and for me life is a colorful collage of unforgettable moments and enchanting encounters. With a heart full of joy and a smile that never fades, I roam the world, always looking for the next adventure. With every ray of sunshine that kisses my skin, I feel life pulsing within me, driving me to find the beauty in everything. I am life-affirming and my optimism is contagious. People who cross my path are quickly caught up in my positive energy and find themselves in a vortex of laughter and happiness. I love being out and about, being inspired by the diversity of life, and always discovering new things. Whether it's a hidden café in Paris, the colors of a sunset on the beach in Bali, or the vibrant lights of the New York skyline, every place is a new canvas for me to paint new stories on. Getting to know people, immersing myself in their world and creating memories together is an invaluable gift for me. Every encounter, every touch and every smile are for me like little diamonds that I collect on my journey.
If there's one face that dominates the major catwalks from Valentino to Dior, it's undoubtedly Ora. But there's more to this stunning supermodel than just a perfect pose and a keen eye for style. Ora represents that rare combination of adventurousness and elegant restraint. Amidst the glitz and glamour of the fashion world, it is Ora who reminds us that true beauty comes not only from outward appearance, but from an inner light. She embodies purity and delicacy, with an aura that cannot be easily created or imitated. It is this natural radiance, combined with her authentic personality, that sets her apart from many others. It is our special honor to have Ora as a VIP escort model in our Blue Label Escort Agency. She not only brings beauty but is a very special escort woman. XOXO Charlotte

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